Listening: The History of Colombian Coffee (Podcast) – SPJ 003

In this session, practice your Spanish comprehension skills with an article about the History of Colombian Coffee.


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This Dual Conversational Spanish Practice is designed to help you understand when native Spanish speakers talk to you, or when you hear them talking on TV.

During this practice, I will first read a paragraph in Spanish.
After that,
I will read each sentence in Spanish, then I will translate it to English so you can understand what’s missing,
and then I will read the same sentence in Spanish one more time so your mind gets to connect the pieces together.

Next, I will read the same paragraph in Spanish one more time, so you can assess how much you are able to understand and compare it with your first try.

We will repeat this process with each paragraph, and at the end I will read the entire text in Spanish one more time, so you can try to understand as much as possible.


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