How to Use Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish


The use of articles in Spanish is a topic that often troubles beginners who instinctively add or remove neutral articles in places where specific ones are required in terms of gender and number. Although this is one of those topics that is mastered with practice, knowing the overall structure of definite and indefinite articles will…

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How to know if a word is Masculine or Feminine in Spanish? (Differentiate the Gender of Singular and Plural Nouns)


  This section is divided in two parts. First, we will look at a few guideline related to the gender of nouns in Spanish. After that, we will review the use of the singular and plural forms of masculine and feminine nouns in Spanish. Let´s get started. What is a “noun”? According to the Merriam-Webster…

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Easy Ways to Talk about the Past in Spanish

“At one point, I thought I was not going to be able to learn Spanish. There just seemed to be so many words and so many things to learn. I didn’t know how to get started” said Sonia one day while we were having lunch. Then I asked: “Remember when we reviewed the past tenses…

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Why is learning a new language often seen as boring and difficult?

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It was a sunny day of summer, the sky was blue, Lake Chelan’s (Washington State) water was a little cold, and the boat’s engine sounded like a lion that was getting ready to devour its prey. I was not entirely sure about what I was doing, but I was already in the water and according…

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Can Negative Mental Associations Affect you when Learning Spanish?

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For many years I hated mayonnaise while I was growing up. If someone made me a sandwich and it had mayonnaise in it, I just would not eat it. If I ordered a sandwich at a restaurant and I forgot to request a mayonnaise-free version (which often slipped my mind), I would just eat the…

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Easy Ways to Talk about the Future in Spanish


It was almost lunch time, when Umir came to my desk and asked me this: “How do I say: “I am going to the bathroom?” “Why do you want to know that?” I asked. He replied: “Because I was on my way to the bathroom, I got curious and I started thinking:  “How would I…

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How to Make Learning Spanish Easy and Fun?


  Some time ago I was having an interesting conversation with Umir, a friend of mine who I was helping learn Spanish a few years ago. He was just getting started but he had an inquisitive mind and was curious about finding ways to make things easier, and one of those things was learning Spanish.…

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