This is where you can find Spanish Basics to answer common questions and get things moving forward



Getting Started:

    -The Vowels

    -The Alphabet

    -The Numbers in Spanish 1-100 million


Conversational Spanish Shortcuts:

    -Shortcuts to Talk about the Present

    -Shortcuts to Talk about the Future

    -Shortcuts to Talk about the Past

    -Top 10 Verbs in Conversational Spanish

    -Top 100 Words in Conversational Spanish


 Basic Spanish Grammar:

    -Subject Pronouns

    -The Gender of Nouns

    -Definite and Indefinite Articles

    -Asking Questions in Spanish

    -Saying No (Negation)

    -Reflexive Verbs

    -Ser vs. Estar

    -Por vs. Para

    -A vs. en


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