25 Spanish Words for Customer Service and How to Pronounce them (with Audio and Video)

Learning Spanish vocabulary for customer service is easier than you think because many words resemble their English language counterparts. Also, because you need a limited amount of words to communicate in a specific context, as it’s the case when it comes to learning Spanish vocabulary for customer care.   In this post, you’ll find a…

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The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Pronunciation (with Audio and Video!)

Reading words in Spanish is one thing, but learning how to pronounce them so that others can understand what you are saying, is an entirely different game. In this Guide, we will go over the fundamentals to get you started on the right path with Spanish pronunciation, so you can hit the ground running and…

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How to Pronounce Phrases you can use at Customs and Immigration in a Spanish speaking Country

Phrases in Spanish for Customs and Immigration

Visiting a foreign country is an eye opening experience that invites us to learn about ourselves as we open our minds to a different world. However, there are times where having a little extra preparation can be very useful. For example, when you visit Customs and Immigrations in a Spanish speaking country. Most likely, you…

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How to Pronounce Useful Phrases when Asking for Directions in Spanish (and giving directions in Spanish)

Asking for Directions In Spanish

Walking around in a new city is one of the best ways to know more about the local culture and find interesting places to visit. But, what if you are in a Spanish speaking city? “No hay problema”, in this article we will learn words and phrases that will make the process of asking and…

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