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Welcome to 15 Minute Spanish for your Job Podcast!

¡Hola my name is Miguel Lira!

Welcome to 15 Minute Spanish for your Job, a podcast designed to help you understand conversational Spanish and improve your language skills so you can interact with confidence.

This is session one, an introduction to explain a little about this podcast so you know what it is about and how it can help you improve your Spanish. You can listen to it here or scroll down to read a little more:


So, what is this podcast about?

First let me tell you that this is not a podcast about basic grammar, or fundamentals for beginners who want to get started with Spanish from scratch.

On the other hand, if you are able to understand 100% of what a native Spanish speaker tells you, then, please hit stop, this is not for you.

Actually, this podcast is a learning tool with practice materials for those who already know a little about the basics, but struggle to understand when native Spanish speakers talk to them, or when they hear them speak on television or in movies.

If it all sounds like “mumbo jumbo” when a Spanish speaker talks to you, and you would like to change that while you improve your Spanish skills, then, this podcast is for you.


What can you expect from this podcast?

Most episodes will be about 15 minutes long and you will be able to find additional materials at

In the upcoming sessions, you will find a few different formats designed to help you improve your Spanish skills.
The most important ones are Dual Conversational Spanish Practice Sessions. During these sessions, we will go over articles in Spanish about Latin American culture and work related topics, as well as conversations related to specific work scenarios.

As we review these articles, I will read each sentence in Spanish, then I will translate it to English so you can understand what’s missing, and then I will read the same sentence in Spanish one more time so your mind gets to connect the pieces together.

You will also find sessions with other formats. Some of them will focus on short lists of phrases and vocabulary in Spanish for specific jobs; as well as other types of contents that will be developed as we get your feedback.


How will this podcast help you improve your Spanish?

Primarily, it will help you to improve your comprehension skills so you can understand when native Spanish speakers talk to you, which is one of the biggest challenges many of my students face when it comes to improving their Spanish.

This is not only stressful and awkward, but it also constitutes the biggest bottleneck of language learning,
Once you can understand native Spanish speakers, you will be able to learn on your own and practice by listening to radio shows, movies, and by talking to real people (as well as getting great discounts on authentic Mexican food of course!)

The point is, when you are able to understand native speakers, your Spanish will improve much faster.
If you think about it, learning how to ask a question in Spanish is easy, the problem comes when the other person answer your question and it all sounds like latin gibberish, or when you watch a movie in Spanish and you have no idea what they are saying 80% of the time.

That’s where this podcast will help you the most, so you can understand native Spanish speakers and improve your Spanish in a natural way, as if you were living in a foreign country for a few hours a day.


Why did I create this podcast?

Well, because I wanted to have audio practice materials I could share with my students to help them improve their comprehension skills, so they can understand when Spanish speakers talk to them.

I am a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. As a Spanish Language Coach, and a passionate language learner, I actually searched for materials like these when I was living in different countries.

I tried to find learning materials with a specific set of characteristics so I could share them with my students, the kind of learning materials I wish I had when I was learning languages a few years ago.

Since I couldn’t find them, I decided to make them on my own and that is how this podcast got started.

This podcast is designed to replicate an accelerated version of the comprehension / cognition process that goes on when you are learning Spanish (you hear something, you understand a part of it, days later, you get a dictionary or ask someone what it means, you hear that again, and THEN, you learn it)

That’s the natural process of how we all learn (that’s pretty much how you learned your native language as a kid), but it’s a slow process…

What if that could happen much faster?

What if we could accelerate it using technology and neuroscience?

What if you could listen to a conversation in Spanish, and you could pause time to have a translator help you understand what is being said, and then you could go back in time a few seconds to listen to the same phrase one more time?

What if you could understand when Spanish speakers talk to you, and learn Spanish on your own?

It’s time to make it happen! Welcome to “15 Minute Spanish for your Job”


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And if you use Android, you can subscribe here: Subscribe with Android


Did you find this useful? Got any Spanish questions? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and share this page with 3 of your friends so they can also improve their Spanish! (¡Gracias!)



By the way… Want to understand more Spoken Spanish?

Does it sound like fast mumbo jumbo to you?

Having listening materials with “audible training wheels” is an easy way to make it happen.

You can practice your listening skills using your phone during the day. It’s easy!

If you are interested in practice materials to help you understand more spoken Spanish that are also easy to use, you can take a look over here (these are not free, but since you’re interested in improving your Spanish, I wanted to let you know they’re available): Spoken Spanish Listening Materials





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