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How much more confident would you feel if you understood spoken Spanish?


Imagine how many more job opportunities you would have if you could speak to anyone and understand them


Imagine how much faster you would improve your Spanish if you could understand native speakers in movies, radio and television


Imagine if spoken Spanish stopped feeling so lightning fast so you wouldn’t struggle to understand everything you hear during a conversation





Now, if you think: “they talk so fast and I can’t understand what they are saying. I feel like I will never understand them”


Well, let me tell you, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!



What if you could listen to native speakers and pause time for a few moments,


so you could get the help of a translator to understand the parts you missed,


and then go back in time quickly so you could hear the same sentence in Spanish one more time?


That would make things easier, wouldn’t it?




Well, now YOU CAN! .

I’ve created practice materials that help you recreate that process using digital technology. 


It’s called Dual Spanish and it does wonders for your listening skills to help you understand more spoken Spanish.




Here are a few testimonials from students who’ve tried it:


This program is very useful. After trying several different ones over the years this has been the best one by far. While other programs have been helpful and I learned from them Spanish for Your Job gets to the pertinent material without a lot of unnecessary information. Being able to read along while listening allows me to separate the Spanish words all while improving my spelling and reading skills.

All of the episodes are also a great way to learn about  the culture, history and current events. I’ve never come across a program that includes so much. Please keep up the great work I’ll be spreading the word to all my interested friends”

– Amy B. – Reading, Pennsylvania


“I have tried many methods of improving my Spanish speaking and understanding, including watching videos of other teachers. I have found these Spanish For Your Job materials especially helpful because: 1) The topics are interesting, and the dialogues are especially good for practicing real-life conversations; 2) The English translation immediately after the Spanish phrases gives me immediate confirmation of my interpretation of the phrases; and 3) The consistency in the format combined with the brief amount of time it takes to listen make the lessons easy to fit into my day. I would recommend these materials because listening to the radio or TV in Spanish does not give you the feedback that is needed to gain confidence in your comprehension of spoken Spanish.”

– Stephen M. – Accountant – San Antonio, Texas


The Spanish For Your Job audios, transcripts and videos helped me with a big hurdle in learning Spanish. Understanding Spanish in “real time” when listening to a Spanish speaker is difficult for a number of reasons. The speaker may speak rapidly, not speak clearly or speak with an accent.

I am learning new words every day. Even if I am following the speaker, he or she may say a word or a grammatical construction that I do not know and I lose the context of the message. In real time conversations, I have to listen and understand at the same time I am formulating my response.

These audios and the accompanying materials focus on the issue of understanding Spanish when spoken.

Miguel uses different topics to introduce different words and I learn more if the topic is interesting. Miguel provides different and interesting topics and speaks in different tempos to test my ability to comprehend. The English language translation provided in the audio, video and transcript gives a quick point of reference for a word or phrase that I did not understand.

The audios and related materials were helpful to me in dissecting and understanding everyday phrases in which the words individually have a different meaning than the phrase itself. The videos with text provide a different temporal experience to consider the written word on the screen before, during and after the text is read. It is simple and effective.

The audios, video and PDF formats allowed me to learn in different settings. Before I go on long trips, I load audios, videos and the transcripts onto my Ipod and/or phone. A delayed flight now provides time to learn and review. The more I hear and read, the more comfortable I am speaking Spanish. Repetition is a good thing for me. The Spanish For Your Job package gave me instant repetition to burn the words and phrases into my brain.

– Steven A. – Lawyer – Detroit, Michigan


“I have been using practice materials from Spanish For Your Job for over a year now, and it has been the best online practice guide that I have come across. The fact that the practice material is not hours long makes it a perfect fit for my busy day. On a quick lunch break, I can use my phone or tablet to access a 15-minute lesson and feel confident that in that small time frame I have learned something new.

One of the main reasons I enjoy Spanish For Your Job is the fact that the lesson is Spanish to English and back to Spanish again. This technique helps with retaining the information and it allows you to see exactly how much you are actually comprehending.

Last but not least, one of my favorite characteristics about this Spanish course is the fact that it is taught by someone who actually cares if you are learning and wants you to succeed.

I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this course and I now can’t imagine trying to conquer the Spanish language without it. It has been just over a year and I honestly feel that my skills have improved tremendously. ¡Gracias Señor Lira!”

– Jana S. – Teachers Aide (middle School) / Child Care Associate – Inland Empire, California


“My level in Spanish is intermediate and I am very glad to have been using the 15 minute Spanish for your job materials on a daily basis, because since I do not have much free time, it helps me practice and refresh my Spanish by devoting only 15 minutes per day.

Learning a language is about time and repetition. The 15 minute Spanish for your job materials offer information for a variety of different subjects and in a very efficient way ~ including repetition and translation from english to Spanish and viceversa ~ It makes you get used to listening and correcting the mistakes.

Overall, it has helped a lot to improve my skills and vocabulary and since I am working as a PR, being good at languages is one of the greatest assets for my job, and surely these practice materials have helped my fluency a lot and have boosted my confidence while I’m speaking.”

– Alina M. – Public Relations Officer – Athens, Greece



If you’d like to understand more spoken Spanish,

One of the Dual Spanish practice bundles shown at the end of this page may just be what you’ve been looking for.


In these practice materials you’ll have access to a downloadable audio file where you’ll  hear a native speaker talking about work or Latin American culture in Spanish.


  • First, you’ll hear a paragraph in Spanish at normal speed so you can try to understand as much as possible.
  • After that, you’ll hear each sentence in Spanish, English and Spanish again so you can understand the parts you may have missed and your mind gets to connect the pieces together.
  • Then, we’ll go over the same paragraph in Spanish again so you can test your listening skills one more time and compare it with your first try..
  • It’s like having audible training wheels for your Spanish fluency bicycle! It helps you build confidence as you practice.

Next, we’ll repeat the same process for each paragraph and at the end we’ll go over the full article in Spanish at normal speed to give you a chance to test your comprehension of spoken Spanish..

Finally, we’ll go over the same article in Spanish at a faster speed to challenge you so you can practice at a pro level to help you understand spoken Spanish in real life.



Additional formats

As part of these practice materials, you’ll also get a printable text version of the audio content so you can read along and make notes as you listen.

Additionally, you’ll also have access to a video that combines audio and text so you can read as you listen to each sentence.

These videos are very useful in the beginning to help you gain confidence so you can move on to the Spanish-only sections without audible training wheels.




Practicing on the go

Besides accessing these contents online, you’ll also be able to download them to your computer and your phone.

This is a great way to practice during the day even if you don’t have a connection.

In fact, many happy students use these materials to practice during their daily commute, while they exercise or while they walk their dog.

Basically, if you are doing something that would allow you to listen to music, you could use that time to practice your Spanish!




Time to choose…

So, if you are ready to understand more spoken Spanish, choose one of the practice bundles shown at the end of this page and click the Add to Cart button

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After completing your purchase, you’ll get an email with instructions to access your practice materials online.

I’m committed to only having happy students. If after a few weeks you are not fully satisfied with these practice materials, let me know by email at up to 45 days after your purchase and I’ll reimburse you for your payment.


If you have any questions about these practice materials or the payment process before or after your purchase, let me know at


Your Spanish Learning Coach,
Miguel Lira.



So, if you are ready to invest in yourself and understand more spoken Spanish,

Choose one of the practice bundles shown here and get started today (available for a limited time only):


Basic Listening Bundle (1.5 hours)

  • 1.5 hours of practice materials (audio & video)
  • Printable text transcripts
  • Topics covered: History of Buenos Aires, Ideas to increase your charisma at work and the Mayan City of Tulum

$15.00Add to cart


Premium Listening Bundle (3 hours)

  • 3 hours of practice materials (audio & video)
  • Printable text transcripts
  • Topics covered: History of Buenos Aires, Ideas to Increase your Charisma at Work, the Mayan City of Tulum, Holidays in Mexico, Machu Picchu and Top Movie Stars of Mexican Cinema

$19.00Add to cart


Premium Bundle + Coaching (1 hour)

  • 3 hours of practice materials (audio & video) with transcripts (same topics as the Premium bundle)
  • 1 hour of live coaching via Skype (with MP3 recording)

$70.00Add to cart