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25 Spanish Words for Customer Service and How to Pronounce them (with Audio and Video)

In this post, you’ll find a video you can use to review the spelling and pronunciation of each one of the 25 terms included in this post (don’t worry too much about the spelling, I suggest you focus on achieving a pronunciation that’s good enough to be understood and continue practicing as you go.)

Right after the video, you’ll find the text version of the 25 words for customer service in Spanish.

Finally, you’ll also find a PDF document you can download to your phone as well so you can review each word as you listen to the video file or print it to make notes using a colorful marker (pencils work too, but they’re not as fun!)

Let’s get started, here’s the video with the spelling and pronunciation of each term:

Video with Spanish Terminology for Customer Service:



Vocabulary for Customer Service:

  1. Customer service representative – El/La representante de atención a clientes
  2. Agent – El agente
  3. Database – La base de datos
  4. A call – Una llamada
  5. To call – Llamar
  6. Call center – El centro de atención a clientes
  7. Caller – La persona que llama
  8. Help desk – El área de soporte técnico
  9. Toll free number – El número gratuito
  10. Free of charge – Sin costo
  11. Good service – Buen servicio
  12. Bad service – Mal servicio
  13. Complaint – La queja
  14. Feedback – La retroalimentación
  15. Dissatisfied – Insatisfecho
  16. Damaged – Dañado
  17. Defective – Defectuoso
  18. Broken – Roto
  19. Stained – Manchado
  20. Expired – Vencido
  21. Incomplete – Incompleto
  22. Delay – Demora
  23. On time –  A tiempo
  24. Warranty – La garantia
  25. To guarantee – Garantizar


Downloadable PDF Document with Spanish Vocabulary Words for Customer Service:

You can download a Printable PDF file here (hit right click and “Save” or “Download):

PDF file with Vocabulary for Customer Service in Spanish


PDF-25 Customer Service Vocabulary Words in Spanish



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