Why me?

¡Hola! My name is Miguel Lira. If you want to learn Spanish for your job to move your career forward, you have come to the right place.

Learning a new language can be quite challenging if you choose to follow the traditional approach, and it is something I experienced in the beginning of my journey.

Over time, while I worked in different countries and experimented with different language learning methods, my curious mind started to spot patterns and design systems to make things easier along the way.

Beautiful panoramic view at Hampi, India.

A few years ago, I became a Spanish learning coach while I was working in India as a way to experience my love for languages and test my methods to learn how my students absorbed the language. This is something I also did in the United States, France and Mexico.

Being a passionate language learner and a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, my “systems oriented” mind allowed me to find simple ways to make the process easier for my students. A fun process that continued over time and inspired me to create this site in order to share what I have learned with more people around the world.


It’s easier than it looks

Learning Spanish for your job is easier than most people think. It’s only a matter of simplicity and focus. In fact, I share useful tools and insights that will help you learn Spanish for your career on my e-mail list (you can unsubscribe with 1 click at any time.) To join it and get lots of useful content, including 5 Free video lessons available only to members, just enter your email address below and click “Subscribe”.




How will this site help you move your career forward by learning Spanish for your job?

There is nothing wrong with figuring out the path on your own. However, having a map will help you get there much faster.

That is the purpose of this site. I will show you the map to learn Spanish for your job so you can move things forward and make things happen.

Beautiful panoramic view at The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

That is why I created this site. To share my insights as a language learner and a Spanish Language Coach in order to help you learn the language to accomplish your goals, whether that is getting a better job, getting more customers, feeling more valuable at work, helping your kids learn Spanish, making new friends or even traveling the world.

Panoramic view of the Columbia River in Washington State after running Bloomsday’s 10K in Spokane, WA.


Let’s get real. If you want to make any of those things happen, and you tried to learn Spanish in the past but couldn’t get very far following traditional methods, chances are things will not change if you keep following the same path.

So, in order to get results you will need to do things differently. Here is where I can help. Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time coaching Spanish students individually in order to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping them speak Spanish for their job faster.


I have come to realize the importance of focusing on the few things that generate the most results and developing a positive mindset that leverages simplicity to move things forward.


Getting Results is what matters

I care about helping people who want to make things happen and not just sit in a classroom to pass an exam.

I am not a traditional language teacher; I am a passionate language learner who enjoys helping others do the same.

As a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, I have personally helped many people learn Spanish both in person and through the internet while I worked as a Business Consultant and an International Design Engineer in the Home Appliance and Commercial Aerospace Industries.

Me and some friends I met at Mehrangarh Fort in Johdpur, India.

If you are looking for a language teacher who focuses on studying grammar to help you pass a test, then this site is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are ready to take action and be guided by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico then sign up and get 5 Free video lessons to start learning Spanish for your job today: